Sensual Essential Oil Blend 100 % Pure and Natural -10 ml – Fragrance of Love

Treat your health and beauty with special care with the help of natural essential oil blends.
Essential Oils Blend Aroma of Love is Best for Stress Relief, Relaxing, Calming, Good mood, Freshen Rooms, Home Fragrances, Meditation, Yoga. Uses for Beauty, Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Massage, Wellness, SPA, Aroma Diffuser, Aroma Lamps. Aphrodisiac. Aroma of love. Sensual fragrance.
Sensual Essential Oils Blend consists with 100 % pure and natural ylang-ylang, rose, cinnamon and etc. essential oils. Essential Oils Blend can be mixed with base oils for use as massage oils for stress relief, calm and relax.

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Skymore Top 6pcs Essential Oils Set — lmmunity sleep ,refresh ,relaxation , Breath,decompression, Aromatherapy Essential Oil for Diffuser, 100% Pure & Natural Ingredients, Therapeutic Grade Oil,10ml

▶100% pure natural oil:no additives, non-toxic, healthy and safe.
▶6 different ingredients of essential oils: Refresh, Sleep, Immunity, Relaxation, Decompression, Breathe
▶Therapeutic Grade Oil :The best treatment of aromatic oil, with the use of diffuser.

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Sleep Oil – Lavender, Chamomile and Bergamot Essential Oils in Apricot Kernel Oil. Natural Blend for Aroma Diffuser or Oil Burner, for Better Sleeping, Relaxation or Stress Relief.

✹ SLEEP WELL TONIGHT ✹ A good night’s deep sleep is vital to your health and a productive tomorrow. Our soothing aroma oil helps to calm your mind and relax your body, get the deep sleep you need to function well. Simply add a few drops to bedroom reed diffuser or oil burner for tranquility that restores and revitalizes your energy.
✹ LAVENDER OIL AND CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL – ADVICE FROM THE EXPERTS ✹ Studies show that essentials oils for sleep, like lavender and chamomile, can help you avoid a frustrating, sleepless night. They recommend that using these oils in aromatherapy for several days can improve sleep comfort and help you sleep better and more deep. Our Sleep Oil contains both lavender essential oil and chamomile oil, as well as other relaxing sleep oils.
✹ NATURAL SLEEP REMEDY – FEEL HEALTHIER ✹ When you’re longing for better sleep, you want high-quality natural sleep remedy that won’t compromise your health. Our oil blend is free from synthetic chemicals, is is healing and natural. We’ve protected your oil in an opaque glass bottle and a tamper-evident pipette to give you an assurance you need to know that you’re always getting a high quality, UK made, beautiful smelling and safe oil blend.

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Spiritual Gift Set – 3 Aromatherapy Blends – Meditation, Astral Projection and Sleep. For Aroma Diffuser, Burner. Essential Oils in Apricot Kernel Oil Mix. Use for Yoga, Relaxation or as Anointing Oil

RELAX AND MEDITATE LIKE A MASTER WITH AROMATHERAPY OILS Experienced meditators know that it takes practice and focus to reach a deeply relaxed state conducive to enlightened meditation and astral travel. Sometimes, it also requires specially designed, high-quality aids like our essential oils blends to achieve a transcendent or enlightened place. Our high-quality blends are ideal for this use, especially when placed in a reed diffuser next to a meditation cushion or yoga mat.
PURE RELAXATION WITH ESSENTIAL OILS Whether you seek meditative enlightenment or a good night’s sleep, our aromatherapy oil is a great solution. The link between your olfactory senses and emotions is well proved, making aromatherapy a powerful sleep, meditation and astral travel aid. For these uses, you deserve a high-calibre relaxation experience. That’s why we use only pure, natural essential oils, free of synthetic additives and suitable for any aromatherapy device, healing stones, crystals.
BEAUTIFUL FRAGRANCE OILS HANDMADE IN THE UK For your safety and quality experience, we take great care with each element of our oil selection, blending and shipping process. We blend our essential oils by hand and package them in safe UV-resistant bottles that prevent oil spoilage. We also include in your purchase a tamper-evident pipette that ensures only you have used your oil blend. In this way, you always know your oil is safe and long-lasting.

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Sweet Almond Carrier Oil – 500ml – 100% Pure

Sweet Almond Carrier Oil – 500ml – 100% Pure
Botanical Name: Prunus amygdalus
Description: Sweet Almond is an excellent emollient and is known for its ability to soften and re-condition the skin. It is rich in proteins and Vitamin D, and is considered extremely nourishing – particularly when used regularly. Contains Olein Glyceride Linoleic Acid. It can be expected to sooth dry skin and irritated areas. Massage therapists should note that it can stain sheets.

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Sweet Almond Oil – 1 Litre Cosmetic Grade for Massage, Aromatherapy, Soaps, Lotions. Pure Carrier Oil suitable for Scalp, Face, Skin, Eyes and Hair Treatments

The natural choice of carrier oil for aromatherapy and massage
A great ingredient for soaps, lotions or creams
A fantastic natural moisturiser, light on the skin

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Sweet Orange Essential Oil 10ml 100 % Pure and Natural – Undiluted – Citrus Sinensis – Brasil – Uses for Tension Relief – Good Mood – Relax – Anti Cellulite Effect – Freshen Rooms – Home Fragrances – Best for Beauty – Wellness – Aromatherapy – Massage – SPA – Bath – Personal Care – Diffuser – Aroma Lamps – for Cosmetic – Making candles – Scented oils – Brown Glass Bottle by AROMATIKA

Treat your health and beauty with special care with the help of natural essential oils.
Best Sweet Orange Essential Oil uses for tension relief, relax, anti cellulite effect, freshen rooms, home fragrances, best for beauty, wellness, aromatherapy, relaxation, massage, spa, bath, personal care, diffuser, aroma lamps. And have various valuable and healing qualities.
Pure essential oil can be mixed with other essential or base oils.

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Tea Tree Oil

100% Pure
Anti Fungal
Anti Bacteria and Septic

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THUJA ESSENTIAL OIL – 10ml – Thuja Occidentalis Herb – Pure and Natural

Inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral. Refresh, tone up the skin, removes traces of fatigue.
Aromatherapy: soothes, balances emotional state, increases concentration. Natural deodorant.
Used in acne, various itching, swelling, allergic dermatitis, various injuries, skin cracks, psoriasis, varicose veins

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Tisserand 10 ml De-Stress Aromatherapy Roller Ball

Contains only 100% pure, high quality essential oils
With soothing exotic Patchouli, uplifting zesty Orange and nurturing Rose
Ideal for hectic moments

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Tisserand 10 ml Head Clear Aromatherapy Roller Ball

Contains only 100% pure, high quality essential oils
With cooling White Mint, soothing Lavender and refreshing Lemon
Ideal to refresh your mind

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Tisserand 10 ml Lavender Essential Oil Roller Ball

Contains only 100% pure, high quality essential oils
With soothing Lavender and calming Chamomile
Ideal to soothe irritated skin

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